1. How many churches and missionaries are affiliated with the BBFI Mission Office?

  • We serve over 750 missionaries and 4500 churches

2. Are missionaries required to have a BBFI-affiliated sending church?

  • The missionary is required to have a BBFI-affiliated sending church.  The local church has been given the responsibility to be the Biblical sending agency for missionaries.  Therefore, a missionary must be sent by a church who agrees with the BBFI Articles of Faith and will work with the BBFI Mission Office.

3. What percentage of a missionary's support goes to the Mission Office for administrative fees?

  • The Mission Office does not charge our approved missionaries, colleges or Tribune for handling their contributions.  They receive 100% of every dollar designated for their ministry.

4. How is the Mission Office supported?

  • The Mission Office is supported by faith just like the missionaries.  The operational costs for each missionary contribution that is processed is approximately $4.50.  Each church or donor is encouraged to contribute a minimum of this amount every month per missionary they support.  For example, if a church supports 10 missionaries through the BBFI Mission Office, a $45 monthly gift to the Mission Office would help cover the operational expenses.

5. Are there restrictions on the countries people can go to as missionaries through the BBFI Mission Office?

  • The Mission Office firmly believes in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  That means you go exactly where the Holy Spirit has called you to go.  Directors with years of ministry experience and world knowledge are available to discuss current opportunities and needs in various countries.

6. Is an internship required to become a career missionary with the BBFI?

  • The BBFI requires a one-year minimum internship.  The primary objective of the internship qualification is to ensure that the prospective missionary has achieved some level of competency in practical ministry experience before leaving for a foreign country.  Contact the Mission Office for additional information about our US and international internship opportunities.

For more information please contact the Mission Office or visit bbfimissions.com